Grant Thornton Taiyo Inc. considers the judgment of value to be an important management strategy.

Most everyday issues, including but not limited to accounting, auditing and taxes, eventually require "valuation".

Objective valuation is becoming increasingly common in various situations, ranging from treasury stock and other capital strategies, reorganization, selling of businesses, business rehabilitation, capital policies and other business strategies to decision-makers' external compliance, such as damage compensation and claims for damage compensation as well as tax-related risk hedging.

Company stock must be regularly assessed in order to understand the current state of the company. We specialize in protecting stock value, which represents the management (management authority) and ownership (property rights). Our services include the planning of strategies for fund procurement, reorganization and M&A; planning of measures for minority interests; the introduction of classified stock and employees' stock options; and the planning of measures for inheritance taxes for the succession of assets.