Foundations, Wills and Trusts

Grant Thornton Taiyo Inc. provides total support for the establishment and operation of nonprofit foundations in order to help realize the business owners's vision.

A nonprofit foundation can sometimes better respond to the needs of society, local communities, and corporate groups.

A business owners often establishes a nonprofit foundations to carry out his or her philanthropic vision.But nonprofit foundations have no shareholders or owners, so ensuring that the founder's vision carries on through subsequent generations is a challenge.

Grant Thornton Taiyo Inc. provides back-office support to many foundations. We prepare the establishment documents, provide support for the operation of administrative boards, and produce accounting and tax documents for educational and social welfare corporations. We can assist you with:

  • The foundation establishment plan
  • Negotiations with the administration to establish the foundation
  • Preparation of the application documents for charter
  • Holding the foundation organizing committee meeting
  • The operation and management of meetings
  • Establishing regulations and rules
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Proceedings and other documentation to be submitted to the administration
  • Accounting audit
  • Preparing tax documents