International Tax Services

In an ever-increasing environment of global competition, businesses must now cope with not only the complexity of different global operating environments, but also with global tax, legislative and corporate regulatory requirements.

Why is Global Tax Planning Important?

The right tax planning can increase net benefits for businesses as a whole whilst generating tax savings and reducing compliance problems. In addition, by ensuring compliance with all legislative and corporate regulatory requirements business owners are able to devote more time to running their businesses.
As a member of Grant Thornton International (GTIL) having a global network about 500 offices in over 100 countries, we have an integrated team of professionals working in harmony to co-ordinate global tax and corporate compliance and develop tax strategies for the minimisation of global taxation.
Our comprehensive services start from pre-business start-up corporate structuring or business reorganisations to co-ordination of global compliance and ongoing tax and accounting advisory services.

International Tax Services

We provide the following services:

  • Tax effective global corporate structuring services
  • Development of efficient strategies for cross-border investment activities
  • On going international tax advisory services
  • Global tax and regulatory compliance services
  • Updating business owners on changes affecting businesses on a global basis
  • Ensure tax efficient mergers & acquisitions including risk management services
  • Transfer pricing advisory services

Tax Effective Global Corporate Structuring

There are many factors, which can assist in the minimisation and sustaining the reduction of worldwide effective tax for businesses operating in a multinational environment, which include but are not limited to:

  • Use of foreign tax credits (FTC)
  • Use of off-shore holding companies
  • Local country tax planning
  • Transfer of intellectual property
  • Utilizing available tax losses
  • Identification of strategic locations
  • Earnings mobility and financing alternatives

Renewable Energy Business Support

Since the implementation of Japan's Feed-In Tariff (FIT) in July 2012, solar power ("Mega solar") has become widespread in Japan. We provide support for investment structure planning, accounting and tax for your renewable energy business.

Fund/SPC Management Support

We provide support for investment structure planning, accounting and tax for your Fund/SPC business, covering the international transactions that may require careful tax consideration.
Our professional staff provide SPC management services for numerous types of Japanese structures, including GK/TK structures, TMK and various other forms.